Dialpad Features

A unified communications platform that connects your teams through voice, video, messages, and online meetings, Dialpad provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features to help streamline your business communications and improve productivity. 


With Dialpad, you can expect a fast setup, hassle-free deployment, and the ability to provision and manage users with ease and efficiency.

APIs & Webhooks

Dialpad’s APIs and webhooks provide your business with more call data and additional user management functionality. Create efficiencies that lead to smarter, data-driven business decisions.

User Setup

User setup is nearly instant with Dialpad. From one central place, you can add new users, assign them phone numbers, sync them with Google G Suite or Office 365, and establish their permissions. Your new user will be up and running in a matter of minutes.


Mobility is at the very core of modern business communications—and what Dialpad does. As a cloud-based business phone system, Dialpad removes the restrictions of a traditional desk phone and allows you to stay connected and be productive from any device, anywhere.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Welcome to the era of BYOD. Dialpad exists on the devices you and your team already own and use every day, so there’s no new hardware to buy or lease, no infrastructure to maintain, and no IT team required to manage it all.

Call Analytics

Accessing your data is one thing, but it’s what you do with it that really matters.

Business decisions are driven by rich, insightful information — solve challenges big and small that arise by using call analytics in Dialpad, optimizing a call center’s performance to meet KPIs and get ahead of the competition.

Call Center Productivity

Dialpad takes pride in providing useful tools to address some of the challenges that call centers face, such as inaccurate reporting and analytics.


Connect the channels and platforms your team uses to support customers no matter where you interact with them.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys collect feedback instantly — ask a customer to rate their experience with a score as well as an explanation in their own words transcribed by Voice Intelligence.

Call History

With the Call History feature, Dialpad admins can view records and access full catalogues of call data directly from their web portal, which provides an additional opportunity to uncover valuable insights on product feedback, pricing, and more.

Desk phones

Not every business can rely on only smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We get it. That's why Dialpad continues to offer and support certain models of desk phones. Sign up for a free trial of Dialpad to learn more.

Calling & Routing

From call park to call transfer to call forwarding, Dialpad offers a comprehensive suite of calling and routing features to help improve business communication at your organization.

Enterprise phone system

In order to improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase their bottom line, many medium to large businesses and corporations opt to use enterprise phone system as a part of their tech stack.

Call Summary

Whether it's after a regular call or a conference meeting, it's easy to find important points from your business discussion with Dialpad's Call Summary feature, which compiles your transcript, action items, snippets, and notes into an easily digestible overview.

International Offices

With Dialpad, quickly and easily spin up international offices and enjoy crystal clear cloud communications from virtually anywhere. Administration is easy you’ll keep all your offices connected on one platform.

Call Operators

Dialpad's Call Operator feature makes call handling effortless. Each Department line can be managed by multiple operators, ensuring that calls are sorted and delegated promptly and efficiently.

Main Company Number

Your Dialpad Main Company Number, also known as Company Main Line, is often the primary line of customer contact for your business. Within Main Company Number, you can manage and route incoming calls, assign operators, set your business hours, create a general custom greetings, and upload hold music.


Dialpad helps to enhance team collaboration with advanced business messaging features including SMS, MMS, Group SMS, and more.

Business text messaging

Dialpad modernizes business communications with the ability to send messages—both internally to colleagues and externally to clients and partners. SMS (text), MMS (multimedia image, sound, and video), and group messaging—you can do it all in the same app. Sign up for a free trial to try it for yourself!

Web Conferencing

Make your online meetings better with high quality audio and video web conferencing, extensive screen sharing capabilities, and advanced conference call settings.

Mute Conference Call Participants

Reduce and control noise during your conference calls with Dialpad Meetings Mute Conference Participant option

Private Conference Calls

From encryption to PINs to lobby alerts, Dialpad Meetings provides many features to help protect the privacy of your online meetings.

Administrator Login for Dialpad Meetings

Dialpad lets you choose to have someone schedule conference calls on your behalf, keeping you on task during your busy days.

Conference call dial out

Dialpad makes conference calling so easy that you’ll never miss a call, thanks to pre-scheduled dial outs.

Pinless Conference Call

Dialpad takes the pain out of conference calls by removing the use of PINs, keeping your employees focused on the call.

Conference Call Controls

With Dialpad's web conferencing software, organizers can access conference call controls both on the web and on the phone. Functionalities such as Mute All Participants and Lock Conference Room give organizers full control of the online meeting to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Conference Group Chat

During a conference call, you may have a question but don’t want to interrupt the speaker’s flow. Maybe a note could be helpful to everyone in the conference meeting. Or you just simply can’t speak out loud in the particular moment. That's when the Conference Group Chat comes in handy!

Custom On-Hold Music

Dialpad Meetings lets you upload and choose your own hold music for a unique conference call experience, saying goodbye to pseudo elevator/smooth jazz combo.

Document Sharing

Dialpad streamlines collaboration during online meetings by enabling Document Sharing. You can easily share files from third party websites such as Dropbox and Evernote, or make changes in real time during a conference call via Google Drive.

Reliability & Security

With automatic data backup and redundancy built into the platform, Dialpad provides businesses with the best cloud phone system that enables secure, encrypted calls and layered security.

Security & Privacy

Keeping your data secure is just as important to us as providing you with the best cloud communications platform. Everything from personal information to call data is encrypted anywhere you get work done.

Cloud Communications

Dialpad’s modern cloud platform lets businesses work where they want, when they want, and how they want. By enabling communication from any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desk phones, Dialpad gives modern workers the business phone features and tools they need to succeed from anywhere.

Data Backup

Keeping customer data secure and accessible is a top level priority for everyone at Dialpad. We employ teams and implement strictly enforced policies dedicated to protecting and preserving your information. In the unlikely event of a network outage, your organizational information, as well as your call, messaging, and meeting data will be safe, secure, and accessible across all of your devices.

Voice Intelligence

With built-in machine learning, Voice Intelligence employs natural language processing and voice recognition to provide recommendations in real time and comprehensive post-call notes and transcripts.

Post Call Automation

From automatically logging call summaries in Salesforce or HubSpot to generating automated call notes that include key takeaways and action items, Dialpad's Post Call Automation helps sales reps streamline the sales process and close more deals.

Live Coach™

Dialpad's Live Coach™ provides real-time coaching and sales recommendations, helping new sales reps get up to speed quickly. Using Coaching Groups, sales managers can also listen in on calls, provide advice, and take over when needed.