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Commonly asked questions when considering Dialpad, all in one place
How long does this take to deploy?
Deployments of offices, individual users, or even devices can all be done instantly and from a single web portal. In a recent report, one customer who switched from a legacy PBX to Dialpad realized a 90% reduction in deployment times. <br /><br /> To learn more about setting up your Dialpad company, click <a href="">here</a>.
What kind of reporting does Dialpad have?
Dialpad offers a <a href="">variety of reporting capabilities</a> for individual users + groups (including call centers and coaching groups). <br><br> Metrics include call data, leaderboard data, keyword tracking, moment tracking (ex: positive sentiment expressed, manager’s attention needed, etc.), device adoption metrics, hold queue metrics, and service level metrics among others. <br><br> Dialpad also offers real-time call center dashboards and flexible API based reporting capabilities.
How does the Zendesk integration work?
With Dialpad and Zendesk, agents can be more productive and eliminate distractions, with a cloud-based call center built right inside Zendesk. The integration supports click-to-call capabilities, automatically pulls contextual customer information up when you’re on the phone, and can also automatically generate new tickets. <br /><br /> At a high-level, agents can: <br /> - Receive and place calls from Zendesk<br /> - Automatically log calls as new tickets<br /> - See customer context from ticket history <br /> - Create new tickets directly from Dialpad<br /> - Send Dialpad messages in Zendesk<br /> - Send texts (SMS) from Zendesk<br /> - View and access unresolved + resolved tickets
We use Outreach voice / Salesloft, how is Dialpad different?
Dialpad Sell complements Outreach and SalesLoft. Dialpad Sell is your dialer and coaching platform, while Outreach and SalesLoft can continue to be your email engagement platform for sales.
Why would I choose Dialpad for call center or basic phone needs over Talkdesk?
Talkdesk uses third-party telephony powered by Twilio. In comparison, we have built a global infrastructure to manage voice, video, and text for exceptional reliability and quality. In addition we aren't subject to cost fluctuations from a third party, this keeps costs for our customers low and invoices straightforward. In fact, almost all usage is included right into the price of the license. This helps you scale quickly and plan your costs accordingly. <br /><br /> On the admin front, while Talkdesk relies on expensive Professional Services, we make it simple for managers to make adjustments to their Dialpad configuration and settings on their own. Admins can easily provision/de-provision users, which is a huge time saver and a much easier way of controlling access. <br /><br /> Finally, with real-time insights, we give agents the ability to improve their conversations as they happen, not just after the fact.
How does Dialpad integrate with Slack?
Dialpad’s Slack integration automatically alerts teams in shared channels when call activity is happening across their main line, departments and call centers. For example, Slack teams can be alerted when a voicemail is received, including the voicemail transcription and link to the call recording.
Aren’t you like every other VOIP provider, how are you exactly different?
While there are many options out there for VoIP services, Dialpad was built to be more than simply dial tone on your desk (although we do offer that as well). Dialpad is a business communication tool that acts as a productivity app, a real-time coach, and a customer experience solution—all from a platform that syncs in real-time, works across all your devices, and is supported both locally and internationally.
How does the Salesforce integration work?
Dialpad’s Salesforce integration (available on Classic, Lightning, and Salesforce1), takes the burden of remembering to manually add call details, transcriptions, voicemails, and/or recordings to Salesforce out of reps’ hands by automatically syncing these details to your accounts. <br><br> Native CTI integration with Salesforce lets your team work directly within Salesforce, with access to critical call features, as well as also key Salesforce data through a single browser tab.
How are you different than Gong?
Dialpad Sell is a business phone system for modern sales teams that helps improve calls as they are happening. Reps get coaching in the moment to close more deals and managers can scale their presence and automate enablement. <br /><br /> Gong focuses exclusively on post-call analytics, so all coaching and insights happen when a call is over.
What’s the difference between Dialpad Support and Zendesk Talk for reporting?
While Zendesk Talk offers high level call center dashboard metrics for queue and agent activity (which we also provide), Voice Intelligence isn’t a part of their platform, so many of the insights will remain at a basic level. <br /><br /> Dialpad is powered by Voice Intelligence, so managers can view comprehensive call summaries of their agents’ calls, complete with voice transcription and moments that happened in the conversation (such as positive/negative sentiment, manager intervention and request for a cancellation or refund). Our call analytics allow for managers to spot conversation trends through keywords mentioned in the calls, so insights can quickly be turned into action for better call strategy. We also offer live call alerts to help managers keep a pulse on their call center, and get alerted on things such as service levels dropping, no agents on duty, or hold queue limits being reached. <br /><br /> Best of all, all of our metrics are updated in real-time, so you never need to question whether the data you’re looking at is accurate and up-to-date.
How are you different from Microsoft teams?
While Microsoft Teams allows free calling between internal team members, any calls placed outside of your organization must be handled by purchasing an additional plan or integrating another telephony vendor. Typically this also includes additional per-minute fees. <br /><br /> With Dialpad, one license gets you full calling (domestic, internal, and international PSTN), SMS/MMS/fax and native integrations with other workplace apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Okta, and more. Plus, your contacts and files are automatically synced from O365, and many customers find that managing licenses and billing is much easier and more cost effective when pairing Dialpad with O365.

Dialpad Talk

Where communication and productivity meet
What's the difference between a department and a call center?
Departments are a great solution for a group of users that experience fairly low inbound call volume (think: Finance or Marketing) vs a Dialpad Support call center which is really geared towards handling medium to high level inbound volumes. Additionally some features are available as a part of the call center experience vs a department—things like, sentiment analysis across live calls so managers know exactly how the customer's experience is going and when and where their attention is needed.
Do I have to notify callers that I'm recording the call?
The majority of the states in the U.S. are one-party consent states, which means that recording is permitted if at least one of the parties on the call initiates the recording. However, there are a sufficient number of states that require two-party consent and that would require all recordings to be announced. As you can imagine, phone calls can originate from one state and call another state. With some of our products, such as Dialpad Support and Dialpad Sell, inbound calls can originate from anywhere so it is difficult to decide whether a recorded prompt announcing the recording should be played for one call versus another. As a general matter, applying the call recording rules to call transcriptions, we always recommend you notify your customers of call recording and/or transcriptions, thereby bypassing the entire issue. Finally, these tips are for guidance only, and do not constitute legal advice. Contact your lawyer for more specific direction around individual state and international responsibilities.
Can I use my cell phone?
Absolutely—one of the best things about Talk is that it's device agnostic, meaning we'll keep your team connected no matter if you're using a laptop, mobile phone, or desk phone. Talk offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android as well as the ability to simply add your cell number as a forwarding device and take calls on the go. Learn more about our mobile apps <a href="/ent/features/mobile-apps/">here.</a>
Can I keep my number?
Absolutely! When you sign up for Talk, you'll have the option to bring your established business numbers with you (termed "porting") to use on your Talk service. We will, however, automatically issue every user a temporary number based on the area code of your admin's choosing just to make sure you're able to make and receive calls, texts, and more right from day one. Learn more about number porting <a href="/features/porting-number/">here.</a>
Do I have to make calls on WiFi or can I use my cell service?
Talk gives you the freedom to choose how you connect—whether that's through HD calling (i.e. WiFi or cellular data) or through your native carrier's UI. The best part is that we'll allow you to seamlessly switch between either, like when you're stepping out of the office for the day, so you always have a backup option.
If I need more numbers, how do I get them?
Talk allows you to self-serve number availability right within our web portal. You'll have the option to purchase additional numbers for individual users on your team as well as shared lines like Departments and even physical devices like desk phones. Need to place a bulk order? Reach out to our sales team or (if applicable) your designated Customer Success or Account Management Manager.
Do you have an IVR or Auto Attendant feature?
Yes—Talk offers an auto attendant feature across both personal and shared lines like Departments. Callers will be presented with options like dial by name directory, dial by extension, or even forwarding to a voicemail greeting or pre-recorded message.
Do you support SMS/MMS?
"Yes—Talk offers both SMS and MMS for internal chat within your own organization as well as reaching out to contacts and prospects. And if you've been assigned more than one number, you'll even have the ability to toggle between the IDs. Learn more about messaging options <a href="/features/business-text-messaging/">here.</a>
Do you have call blocking?
Nothing is worse than having spam calls block up your business line. That's why Talk offers comprehensive spam and call blocking features for both your shared lines like departments as well as individual user controls. You'll even have the option to block a caller from ringing your devices but still review any transcripts left from voicemail.
Does Dialpad support any kind of executive-assistant pairings?
Yes—Talk allows you to connect multiple Executives and Assistant pairings across all connected devices including desktop, mobile, and even desk phones. Learn more about our executive assistant <a href="/office/features/executive-assistant/">here.</a>
Can I use a desk phone with Dialpad?
Absolutely—one of the best things about Talk is that it's device agnostic, meaning we'll keep your team connected no matter if you're using a laptop, mobile phone, or desk phone. Talk supports a number of devices, with zero-touch provisioning for Poly Obi-Edition devices. Learn more about desk phones <a href="/features/desk-phones/">here.</a>
What kind of hardware would I need to buy?
For the most part, you shouldn't need to buy any extra hardware. In fact, many Talk customers find that they're able to retire hardware and cut their OpEx budget by at least a third. With any VoIP product, ports, firewalls, and network configurations all play a contributing factor in voice quality and connectivity. To get a better sense of our network recommendations reach out to our sales team with any questions.
Are there any network requirements?
With any VoIP product, ports, firewalls, and network configurations all play a contributing factor in voice quality and connectivity. To get a better sense of our network recommendations reach out to our sales team directly.
Do you offer any out of the box integrations?
Our list of integrations is constantly growing but at the minimum, every Talk account comes with the ability to integrate with either G Suite or Office 365 to see shared emails, docs, and events between your contacts. Additionally, Talk supports native integrations with CRMs (ex: Salesforce, HubSpot), help desks (ex: Zendesk, ServiceNow), and productivity tools (ex: Slack, Zapier).
What call routing options do you offer?
Talk offers a variety of call routing options including hold queues for Departments, routing to Operators (ex: Fixed Order, Round Robin), as well as dial by name directory and automated menu options.
Do you support faxing?
Yes—Talk offers faxing for both shared lines like Departments as well as granting faxing access to individual users. Talk supports faxing to domestic and international numbers. Learn more about faxing <a href="/features/virtual-fax/">here.</a>
Do you support video calling?
"Talk does support peer to peer video calls (meaning Dialpad to Dialpad) which can be especially useful if you need a little more face time with remote employees. Learn more about video calling <a href="/features/video-call/">here.</a>
What voicemail features do you offer?
Talk offers customizable voicemail greetings (both upload and record live), in-app alerts for received voicemails with the ability to play, download, or share and voicemail transcription in real-time as well as post call. Additionally, both admins of shared lines like departments as well as individual users can opt to receive an email notification when they receive a voicemail. Learn more about voicemail options <a href="/features/voicemail/">here.</a>

Contact Center

How many queues are available within an inbound call center?
It's a 1:1 ratio—every call center includes one call queue (hold queue) to filter your inbound calls to.
What integrations are available with Dialpad Support inbound call centers?
Currently, we support native integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Front, and Kustomer in addition to integrations with G Suite, Office 365.
Do you support the whisper functionality?
We found that the whisper feature was more distracting than helpful (how can you pay attention to what your caller is saying with someone whispering in your ear?). Instead, we offer messaging between Supervisor and Agent so as to not distract from the most important voice on the call—your customers.
Is there a per minute charge for calls?
Dialpad Contact Center call pricing starts at $0.01/min for inbound and $0.02/min for outbound calls within the United States. Additionally, there is an inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min per Agent, per call center.
What coaching features are available?
Dialpad offers coaching and monitoring features like Listen In, Barge In, and Take Over. Additionally with Voice Intelligence, Supervisors are able to see live sentiment analysis (how the overall call is going) and a real-time transcript of any call that they're viewing as well as creating custom real-time recommendation cards that will pop up for the agent during their call.
What real-time reporting do you offer?
Both Pro and Enterprise Dialpad Contact Center plans offer real-time dashboard with metrics for inbound vs outbound calls (compared to last 7 days), agent metrics, average wait time, etc. Additionally, Enterprise plans include Admin and Reporting APIs.
What is Dialpad Meetings?
Conferencing is a pain. With Dialpad Meetings, it doesn’t have to be. Dialpad Meetings gives you an easy, powerful, and pain-free way to schedule and run conferences, all without requiring annoying PINs.
How much does Dialpad Meetings cost?
Dialpad Meetings is FREE <strong> for </strong> calls with all main features. We also have a Business version that gives you your own local number that you never need a PIN for, outbound calling to participants, recurring conferences, international dial-ins and more. You can also get all the Business features with a toll free number as an add-on
What do I need to use it?
Nothing special required. You can dial into your Dialpad Meetings with any phone, like other audio / video conference services. To schedule calls and use all the visual features, log in from any computer or Internet-connected device with a browser. The Chrome App and Android app allows for better controls and experience.
How do I get started?
Sign up for a free account and Dialpad Meetings number at
What Voice Intelligence features are available with Dialpad Meetings Business?
Dialpad Meetings Business users receive live and post-meeting transcriptions, Key Moments, and Action Items.
Does Dialpad Meetings come with every Dialpad product?
Yes, you get an Dialpad Meetings Business license with Dialpad Sell and Dialpad Meetings Free with Dialpad Talk and Dialpad Contact Center.
How is Dialpad Meetings different?
Dialpad Meetings adds a visual dimension and smart contact integration to conferencing. Invite and automatically authenticate callers based on your contact information. See the people in the conference and who is speaking from any computer. Click to control calls with features like mute, record, and more.
How many people can be on the call at once?
Every free account starts with 10 caller maximum size, Dialpad Meetings Business gets you up to 150 participants per conference.
Where is Dialpad Meetings available?
Currently Dialpad Meetings is available in the US and Canada, but you may dial into any conference using any phone from anywhere in the world. International access numbers are available for Business accounts.
Do all Dialpad Meetings users get Video and Voice Intelligence?
Video is available to all Dialpad Meetings users and Voice Intelligence is available to Dialpad Meetings Business users.
Is the call summary available to all users?
Yes, organizers and participants receive the call summary.
More questions?
Visit our <a href='' target='_blank'>Help Center</a> for more questions.


Can Dialpad help us meet PCI compliance requirements?
Dialpad offers two options to customers in order to help them maintain their PCI Compliance. <br/><br/> Option 1: Agents have the capability to pause their recordings in order to take payments data over a call <br/> Option 2: Dialpad offers an API to programmatically stop/restart recordings for users based on actions taken in payment systems.
Does Dialpad protect against spam calls?
Call blocking and spam prevention features are provided to each user. Dialpad also performs spam recognition and gives capabilities for users to block callers with high spam scores. See the <a href="">following page</a> for additional details
Are Dialpad’s integrations secure?
Native authentication and authorization mechanisms are used for the integrations built with our partners to ensure that permissions and data are accessed through verified protocols such as OAuth. Dialpad also gives customers control to manage the integrations to turn on and off data or permission access at the source. Furthermore, Dialpad goes through regular security reviews of its integrations with providers such as Google and SalesForce to be listed on the providers’ application directories.
How does Dialpad protect against web application attacks?
Quarterly penetration tests are run by an independent third party tester on our new features and products to test against web application attacks, such as those identified within the OWASP Top 10. Dialpad also enables security scanners and security checks in continuous integration pipelines to ensure that common web application attacks are mitigated prior to deploying new releases.

Dialpad Sell

Is there a per minute charge for calls?
Dialpad Sell call pricing starts at $0.01/min for inbound and $0.02/min for outbound calls within the United States. Additionally, there is an inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min per Agent, per call center.Should you wish to add a toll-free number, there will be an inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min.
Do you need to purchase both Dialpad Talk and Dialpad Sell?
No. Dialpad Sell is a phone system specifically designed for sales teams. Think of it as a phone with sales coaching and real-time voice analytics combined.
How does Dialpad Sell help tenured AEs?
What makes Dialpad Sell unique in the market is that it helps salespeople understand a call as it’s happening. This type of insight is valuable to any member of a sales team. <br /><br /> Real-time coaching is often used by BDRs and Inside Sales teams who need to get new reps ramped quickly and comfortable making calls. <br /><br /> Where we see experienced and Field AEs benefit from Dialpad Sell, is in the automation of sales tasks and post-call insights including action times, call notes and transcriptions automatically logging to Salesforce. Sales managers, see value from the reporting, coaching, and analytics available all in one easy to use platform.
What type of support is included with my account?
Pro plans get access to 24/5 phone support, while Enterprise plans get 24/7 phone support and an Enterprise SLA. We also have a wide range of help center articles available at
Do I have to purchase Dialpad Sell on a contract?
Our Pro plans are available both month-to-month and annual plans. Enterprise accounts are available on annual plans only. Annual plans are our most popular option.
We use Outreach / Salesloft, how is Dialpad Sell different?
Dialpad Sell complements Outreach and SalesLoft. Dialpad Sell is your dialer and coaching platform, while Outreach and SalesLoft can continue to be your email engagement platform for sales.
What real-time reporting do you offer?
Both Pro and Enterprise plans offer real-time dashboards with metrics for inbound and outbound calls, individual rep metrics, as well as call history and historical data that allows you to dive into insights about your team and their calls anytime you need. Additionally, Enterprise plans include Admin and Reporting APIs.